Our Goals & Research Efforts

Spatial Ecology

We are currently tracking the bushmasters around the Kéköldi reserve in order to uncover and study their spatial ecology.

In-situ Conservation

Large snakes are keystone species to their environment. Since bushmasters are still subjected to poaching and habitat loss, protecting them and their environment is of the utmost importance.

Flagship Promotion

There is no data on bushmasters population sizes and home ranges. This, combined with the rarity of the species and the use of primary rainforests as a preferred habitat, raises concern. Using this species as a flagship species, primary rainforests, such as the Kéköldi Indigenous Reserve and the species itself can be protected.

Reproductive behavior

The reproductive behavior of wild bushmasters is relatively unknown. We're trying to observe mating and nesting behavior and report on other intraspecific interactions. 

General Ethology

Due to the rarity of sightings in the wild, bushmaster behavior is scarcely understood. Following wild specimens and studying their behavior can help us shed some light on the ethology of these snakes.

Community Outreach

In order to protect the bushmaster, we need the help of the locals. Sensibilisation on the importance of this snake to its environment and thus to local communities is an important part of our daily work.

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